Vicky Quantrill runs the Marathon and raises £1129!

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The London Marathon has been and gone on the 26th of April, but Vicky Quantrill has just finished her marathon fundraising effort for East Coast Hospice!
The London Marathon is one of the great British sporting events, combining elite athletics, mass participation and record-breaking fundraising in one race. The course is a gruelling 26 miles 385 yards long, passing through the streets of London from Blackheath to the famous finish line at The Mall.
During training Vicky Quantrill said “I am running the London Marathon in memory of a dear friend and fellow runner Richard Blake who sadly passed away last year. Richard was a dedicated and exceptional runner for his age. Running was one of his passions in life and he had been very much looking forward to running the London Marathon himself this year.
As a fitting tribute and in an effort for some good to come out of such a tragic situation I have decided to raise some sponsorship for charity. I have chosen a local based charity near where I live in Great Yarmouth to benefit – East Coast Hospice”.racing                   medal
In a post-race email sent to Jeff Wood –Community Fundraiser for ECH, Victoria Quantrill said;
“All well. Just about recovered from Sunday! I ran a PB. Knocked 6 minutes off my previous best time from 11-years ago. My official time was 3hrs 23m 44s. 574th woman out of a field of around 15,000. I’m over the moon as you can imagine. It’s 9 years since I last ran the London Marathon & I’d forgotten how amazing the atmosphere is. London really comes alive. There are so many people out on the streets to clap & cheer us runners on. The crowd lift you that you actually forget how much pain you are suffering.
I had a good race. The weather was a bit drizzly & cold at the start especially whilst standing in a long queue for the port-a-loo! Once I got going I soon warmed up. The first mile was quite slow with trying to safely negotiate the packed field, but then it started to thin out & I was able to get into a good rhythm. Started to slow a bit at around 17 mile marker. The next 3 miles were harder & I struggled to maintain the same pace from the first half of race. After topping my body up with gels/sport drinks, I managed to re-gain some energy/pace. I felt very strong in the last few miles down the Embankment. I even managed to overtake one of my fellow running club friends who had sprinted nonchalantly past me earlier in the race. Revenge is sweet! The last mile was the worst…..I got cramp in both my calves. The pain was excruciating. I felt like stopping to walk, but with the finish being so close, I was absolutely determined to keep going to the line!!!’
Jeff Wood- Community Fundraiser for ECH says “I would like to congratulate Vicky on running a personal best, and thank her for her tremendous efforts in fundraising. All in all Vicky raised an incredible £1129 which will go towards the capital fund to ‘Raise the Roof’ of East Coast Hospice”.


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