Trustee statement – working with St Helena

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April 2021

We the Trustees of East Coast Hospice are proud and delighted to inform you all of our working relationship with St Helena Hospice.

They have been a hospice for over 35 years.

Their holistic way of working is breath-taking and gives us all immense pleasure to be able to work with them.

East Coast Hospice is extremely lucky to have its own land, 7.54 acres freehold.

They are not running East Coast Hospice and vice versa but are sharing their great knowledge and experience to help us on our way.

The time has come when hospices must work together as they are top heavy in management and we all need to share our resources.

We thank you all for your support enabling Margaret Chadd House to be built sooner rather than later.


Read the full Press Release here.



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