The Past Unearthed

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The archaeologists working on the site have now cleared about half of the site, so works are progressing steadily. Rob Brown, lead archaeologist, has reported back to us regarding the progression of the dig.

Rob reports, “We are beginning to get beneath the medieval/post-medieval landscape to a landscape that dates back around 6000 years, with small pits and ditches showing that man had a presence here during the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age. This was a time when the then people of the British Isles were moving from a Nomadic or Semi Nomadic lifestyle to settlements that had more permanence about them. While we have no direct evidence of shelters or housing, there is evidence of man adapting the environment about him for his own needs. Ditches may for example also have been created to denote land division or to supply irrigation to crops. In Britain, farming was in its earliest infancy during this period of our history.

The other exciting discovery is that of another potential barrow. It is quite ephemeral and has been heavily truncated by ploughing and some more work has yet to be done to confirm this. However, if this is the case, taken along with other ones on the site and others known to be very close, it does show that the landscape here was also used for ceremonial reasons.

What is becoming clear about the site is that it has gone through several phases of use over the last 6000 years, with this project being the most recent in its ever changing history”.









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