Royal Yacht Club presents ECH with a £400 cheque.

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The Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club (Lowestoft) were pleased to welcome Margaret Chadd, trustee of East Coast Hospice, to present her with a cheque for £400 on Thursday. (19th March)

Mrs Chadd and her family have a long association with the RNSYC, and there is even a model of the Chadd family Brown boat on display at the club. Thursday’s cheque presentation provided a welcome opportunity to reminisce on many happy days spent sailing.

The £400 was raised from the sale of original photographs, like the one seen in the photo. This was in memory of a club member; Dr. Hugh Evans and the photos were taken by a patient of his; Mr. Charles Loftin.

These wonderful black and white photos were taken in the 1970’s and feature boats of the Broads One Design Club (BOD’S) as raced by Dr. Evans and the Chadd family.
Rosalind is holding one of Mr Loftins photo’s which depicts a race of the B. O. D’s in 1970 with the Chadd boys in the lead and Dr Evans and Rosaline bringing up the rear.

Mrs Chadd thanked the Commodore and members of the RNSYC for their kind support of ECH in memory of a much missed friend.

The photo shows the cheque for £400 being presented to Mrs. Chadd by (L to R) Anthony Knights (Commodore), James Tubby (Chairman B. O. D) and Rosalind Evans (Dr. Evans daughter).

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