The Board of Trustees of East Coast Hospice have been informed that the James Paget University Hospital have issued a Media Statement to confirm that that no palliative care/hospice beds will be built on the James Paget Hospital site.

We understand the Trustees of the Louise Hamilton Centre have been informed. One of the James Paget Hospital’s mottos is “doing everything openly and honestly.” With this statement it will give, at long last, real clarity to the community of Great Yarmouth & Waveney that there is only one charity who are building a hospice on its own, independent, freehold land at Sidegate Road, Hopton.

There are many people out there who have given money to Palliative Care East for hospice beds for a number of years. Now the community have been informed of the facts, we hope that the James Paget Hospital/Palliative Care East will donate this money to East Coast Hospice/Margaret Chadd House to help us build sooner rather than later, fulfilling the wishes of the donors.

The Trustees of East Coast Hospice hope in the not too distant future they can sit around a table with the James Paget Hospital.


Press Statement released to the Eastern Daily Press by the Trustees of East Coast HospiceĀ  10.30 a.m. Thursday 12th April 2018.


The article can be read here.


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  1. Susan Gooch says:

    I sincerely hope that the money raised for the Louise Hamilton Centre at The JPUH will now be transferred to the East Coast Hospice.