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‘It’s a common myth that only the rich and famous leave money to charity when they die. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. The reality is that without gifts left in Wills by people like you, many of the charities we know and support wouldn’t even exist.
Charitable legacies are the foundation for many good causes in the UK and are vital in continuing their work.
Thankfully 74% of the UK population support charities and when asked, 35% of people say they’d happily leave a gift in their Will once family and friends had been provided for.

The problem is only 7% actually do…

That’s why, if we all leave some money in our Wills for charity as well as our family, we can make a huge difference. In fact, just a 4% change in behaviour would generate an additional £1 billion for good causes in the UK every year.

So, you don’t have to be rich and famous to make a contribution that can make a difference. We can all do something amazing for the world, by remembering our favourite charity when making a Will.’ – (quoted from

East Coast Hospice, a local charity striving to build a ten bed specialist palliative care facility in Gorleston, has recently been left two incredible legacies. The house and estate of a local woman (who legally cannot be named at present), totalling almost £300,000 has been left to East Coast Hospice along with another £7900 legacy both of which will go directly towards the capital build fund and has enabled the charity to secure the final 2.54 acres of land in Sidegate Road, Gorleston. This means the charity now owns the whole field (pictured) totalling 7.54 acres and is growing ever closer to making the hospice a reality.
Leaving a legacy behind is like putting your stamp on the future, it’s a way of making something positive of your existence. ‘Raising the roof’ of the first hospice in the area is vitally important for the community of Waveney and Great Yarmouth, imagine knowing that you had a hand in providing this essential facility.

East Coast Hospice is therefore pleased to announce that local firm Fosters Solicitors are offering a £50 donation per Will, during the month of April to East Coast Hospice in lieu of their fees at their Lowestoft Branch. (17 Clapham Road, Lowestoft, NR32 1PG -01502 573307). ECH is very grateful to Fosters Solicitors for this kind show of support for the project.

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