Malcolm Metcalf ‘Rides the Iron Horse’ one last time

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10,000 Miles — 29 American States — 12 Trains — In 26 Days!

At the time this went to print Malcolm Metcalf was aboard his last train to complete the final leg of his epic 26 day Journey. As you may have already read in previous issues Malcolm decided to plan and undertake a 10,000 mile journey using America’s extensive rail network (the Amtrak) to raise money for East Coast Hospice.

Malcolm has been updating the team at ECH HQ by asking fellow travellers to email snippets of information back along with a few selfies! Although travelling may be a gruelling task for some; Malcolm has thoroughly enjoyed the journey, and personified Buddha’s wisdom -‘It is better to travel well than to arrive’.
And he certainly has travelled well; A brief review of the email ‘postcards’ received say that he has been meeting old and new friends along the way, collecting sponsorship, eating chicken wings and drinking beer in great company, narrowly missing an earthquake, visiting enthusiastic American school children and telling his story, spur of the moment changes to itinerary, learning he is to receive an award in November, and being interviewed by a fellow traveller and exceptional film maker!
(Find it on YouTube – ‘Malcolm Metcalf rides the rails for the last time’)

Nadia Sondh (Press Officer for East Coast Hospice) would like to wish Malcolm a safe return to the UK; “Although I am very jealous of his journey, we are all so grateful to have Malcolm supporting the Hospice. We look forward to having him back on home soil, because he brightens the office with his enthusiasm and he always looks on ‘The bright side of Life’!”

Thank you to everyone who supported Malcolm’s Journey, and please continue to support ECH in any way possible so we can ‘Raise the Roof’ of Margaret Chadd House even sooner.

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  1. Tor says:

    This is an amazing story! Very inspiring – well done Malcolm.