Jenny’s isolation journal…chapter four

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The last chapter in Jenny’s isolation journal

We were conscious when designing Margaret Chadd House that the build must be eco-friendly in all aspects.

Margaret Chadd House will have solar panels installed, eco-watering systems and ground source heating in place to make it as energy efficient as possible. Motor vehicle electric charging points will be installed in the car parking area.

We plan to have our own vegetable garden and greenhouse as Margaret loved her raspberries and asparagus.

We will have raised garden beds for patients and those who wish to tend them can.  There are many ways of being self-sufficient and we intend to utilise our land to its fullest extent.

The outside of any hospice is just as important as the inside. Patients and their families must feel at ease and at home in every part of the hospice be it inside or outside.

The gardens are there to provide a haven of tranquillity for patients, their families and staff alike.  Everyone will be free to walk around our 7.54 acres of land and enjoy such splendour as the raised flowers beds and the wonderful sapling trees donated by the Woodland Trust which will grow as the hospice grows.

In addition to the saplings, we have received donations of some marvellous trees and it is important that recognition is given to those donors once the building is completed.

The labyrinth will be a very peaceful area in which to sit and relax.

Our staff will have an input in the design of our pond and water feature.

The outside lighting when shown to me for the first time, brought tears to my eyes as it is superb. It is so serene and has been sympathetically designed and created and in perfect harmony with the countryside where Margaret Chadd House is situated.

First and foremost, in my mind has always been the patients and their families.  I spent hours researching the Nurse Call System as I was determined it would fit the bill for all.  In total I looked at 15 providers of the Nurse Call Systems before making my decision.  It was so important to get this right from the start.

The system I have chosen is excellent.  All calls from a patient are totally trackable.  The system has complete coverage over the whole of our 7.54-acre site, even reaching out to the shepherd’s hut. This coverage will enable patients and their families to feel totally secure knowing they are always safe no matter where they may be on the site.

We have saved over £3M by researching this ourselves and are very proud of the fact that this money did not line someone else’s pocket.  Every single penny counts to us all.

The cost of the Archaeological dig was very difficult to comprehend and cost the charity over £300K.  It has been a tremendous ordeal to get to the end.

The work on the land has given us planning in perpetuity which in planning terms means we have commenced the build.

It is so sad to report that when some donations are pledged which will only come to fruition when the mark is reached, some donors have reneged on their original agreement.

Our Board of Directors decided to have fixed price contracts for all services and to pay as we went along so all our areas have been dealt with.

Our architects have always been extremely professional and have produced some exceptional drawings which bring a lump to my throat.  What a wonderful job they have all done.

The trustees work for nothing and we are so grateful to all our volunteers who save us a great deal of money.

Our land costs money to maintain it.

In July 2018, unwanted travellers to our site cost the charity £6,000.  All these costs mount up.  We have been so very busy.

Before I wrote this, the charity had received several comments asking why we are not yet built, what have we done with the money which has been donated and why don’t we advertise and promote our hospice in the papers.

I must stress to you that it is not through lack of trying on our part in order to get our story published.  There have been several meetings in which we have attempted to promote ourselves in the papers but for reasons unknown to us, this has not happened.

I hope you feel what I have written has helped you understand what we have achieved and how much everything has cost in order to get to the stage we are at now.


Click to view the plans for the gardens and grounds


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