Jenny’s isolation journal…the next chapter

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Jenny’s journal continues…


The main patient’s unit has ten single rooms each with en suite facilities. Each room also has its own separate garden. The rooms have individual hoists, so no patient has to wait to get out of bed etc.

Each room will be furnished in a homely and comfortable manner to ensure patients and their families feel at home.

Each room has a sofa or chair bed whereby loved ones can remain as close as possible to their nearest and dearest and spend the night if they wish.

Bedroom doors open into the private garden and are wide enough to accommodate the bed to be pushed outside, should the patient so desire.

We have tried to ensure that each room has the technology so that the patient can communicate with their family with iPad, iPhone, Skype etc. It is vital that patients can have face-to-face contact with their friends and families at such a sad and anxious time.

The two bathrooms have hydro baths and shower rooms which are fully equipped.

The patients’ area is homely and comfortable as is the dining room which will enable patients in a wheelchair to sit around the table with ease.

The Inpatient Lounge opens into the garden giving patients a double aspect in both winter and summer.

The Sanctuary is very special. This room is for all faiths and denominations as we want to ensure it is used by everyone. We have involved the younger generation with this as much as possible.

We have a wonderful ‘inside out’ courtyard. The patient and family can sit outside quietly and enjoy the fresh air.

The Nurse Call system has been designed for the patient’s benefit and the relative’s comfort.
During the night, if a patient rings the bell, the bedside light will automatically switch on. This small touch will reassure the patient and their relatives that they are not alone, and a nurse is already on their way to them.

There is a Visitors Suite if relatives wish to stay in.

When we refined Margaret Chadd House, we tried to incorporate everyone’s suggestions however large or small. We drew on the experience of other established and successful hospices. We also listened very carefully to the experiences and stories of others when a loved one had died and what they would have liked to have seen in place at the time. Many things are important to many people and we have tried very hard to encompass these details.

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  1. K healey says:

    Having experienced another hospice in the past, it is wonderful to see how much thought and consideration has gone into the facilities.