21 May 2021

The following announcement has been made by Mrs Jennifer Beesley, Chairman of East Coast Hospice.


Dear Colleagues

Since 2013/14, when Margaret asked me to come onboard, I have given East Coast Hospice my heart and soul 24/7.

During the last year, I have been poorly and am not getting any younger. Since my Bell’s Palsy last August, I have not made the progress I would have hoped for.

With the bullying and harassment from certain quarters, I cannot continue. I owe my family more. It is time for me to put them, and myself, first.

I want to thank all the wonderful staff and the support of our trustees, without you all I could not have achieved what I have done.

The hospice will be built with your support.

I wish you all well and fondest love.

Jenny Beesley

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