Part 2 of Jenny’s isolation journal

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Jenny’s isolation journal continues…


The outside of the main entrance has a dedicated area for both ambulances and patients alike which will alleviate the stress of finding somewhere to park at such a stressful time for all concerned.

Our Ancillary area which allows easy access for collections and deliveries has been designed far away from the patients’ areas.

The construction of outside storage facilities allows for extra space inside the building.

The kitchen, cold store, etc has all been designed by Hobarts and is all electric.

There are staff changing rooms, cubicles, showers, lockers etc.  We also have large storage rooms with ample space for larger items such as beds.

The laundry room designed by Miele has three separate areas: dirty linen, clean linen and storage facilities. This area is crucial for entire operation of the building.

Near the side entrance we have the Harbour Suite and Quiet Room.  When our patients pass away, they are discreetly moved into the Harbour Suite so their family can have time to say their goodbyes.  The relatives can then sit in the adjacent Quiet Room enabling them the time and peace necessary to enable them to come to terms with their recent loss and they may stay as long as they wish. Both these rooms are located away from the Inpatient area.

The side entrance allows the Funeral Directors to come at a time convenient to them privately and discreetly without disturbing others.

The main lounge has a large footprint for all to sit in and relax.  The lounge opens out onto a wonderful, spacious area which then links into the main reception with a seating section for the patients waiting to see the consultant.

The central lounge is the hub of the hospice and has its own garden where children can play. The parents can then visit their loved ones taking comfort in the knowledge that their children are being supervised in a safe and enclosed environment.

All are welcome to come to this lounge at any time to relax and meditate.


This part of our building has been designed to accommodate the office space, meeting room/lecture theatre.  There is a drop-in room for District Nurses, Physios, OT etc.  In order to ensure administration is kept up to date, ‘hot desking’ is encouraged to save space.

The IT system is vital to the whole hospice and we aim to be paper free whilst maintaining strict security.

The large meeting room will be used for Trustee meetings as well as a training facility for both in-house and external personnel on palliative care and all its aspects.

Palliative Care has grown with the expansion of the hospice movement and I always thought District Nurses were the Cinderella’s of the NHS but since working on this project I have seen that the Palliative Care Nurses should also be included in this category.

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  1. susan walker says:

    Very sensitively written. It says a great deal about the approach to palliative care, taking in every consideration from children to creating a respectful and welcoming atmosphere. It sounds very calm and reassuring for those who enter for the first time and not knowing what to expect. Everyone’s expectations are different and everyone’s needs choices and preferences are different. I am sure East Coast Hospice will embrace this along with dignity and respect. Hopefully leave a lasting impression on the memory of those who enter who may feel awkward about entering a Hospice and leave with positive thoughts.