Iceland Fire and Ice Cycle Challenge

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Iceland Fire and Ice Cycle Challenge

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Choose Your Own Adventure in 2019 and make a difference to so many!
Push yourself to your limits, achieve an incredible personal goal and support the East Coast Hospice Appeal.
Have a look at this amazing challenge, just click the link below and let your journey begin ...

Iceland Fire and Ice Cycle Challenge

Cycle through one of the world's most volcanic regions
See countless streams, hot springs and lava fields
Relish the solitude as you ride through a remote region of Iceland
Explore one of Europe’s most eclectic capital cities
Enjoy an indulgent dip in Iceland's Blue Lagoon
Iceland is home to some of nature’s most exciting geography, including active volcanoes, sheer cliffs, glaciers, thundering waterfalls, steaming lava fields, plunging fjords, boiling mud pools and spouting geysers. Our short but tough biking challenge takes in some of the country’s most stunning and rugged terrain as we cycle past volcanoes, hot springs and bubbling mud pots.

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