When Joanna Storey, Corporate Fundraiser for the East Coast Hospice appeal attended one of our events at Caistor Hall Hotel, Norwich in September telling us for the first time about the East Cost Hospice project we decided very quickly that this was a charity for our organisation to support.  There is such a huge need for this facility on the East Coast, where people can live out their lives in dignity and also help the families affected by the trauma of terminal illness.

At the BWN we don’t necessarily have a sack of cash for charities however we know that charities need support to raise brand awareness and to showcase the help they give to local people. We aim to help charities get well known and support them in their fund raising activities. We aim to encourage members to support our nominated charities in little ways ie.

  • Sharing social media content & posting about the charity from their own digital marketing platforms.
  • Offering pro bono advice and support.
  • Providing donations of prizes for raffles to help raise funds.

These members of our group are currently supporting the East Coast Hospice Appeal in a variety of ways:

We are always interested to hear women in business’s ideas on how we can support our charity of the year. Working with charities is a win win relationship and we love the chance to help more organisations.

As passionate about your success as you are.

The B.W.N runs business focused networking events in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Hertfordshire aimed at Business Women. From sole traders to national organisations business women attend B.W.N events to connect with people, raise their profile, learn new skills and ultimately make their business more successful.

There are no membership fees, no block outs – just business focused networking events. We understand what it is like to run your own business and so each event has a business focused presentation to help you gain new skills and appreciate your existing ones. For more details see: http://thebusinesswomansnetwork.co.uk/    or contact Norfolk BWN Co-ordinator, Denise Bretton