Sky Dive Challenge

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Back in 2017, we announced a challenge to help us raise funds to ‘Raise the Roof’. That challenge was to jump out of a plane at 13,000 feet in a tandem sky dive. 8 brave souls took us op on the challenge and they all started their individual fundraising campaigns in earnest.

We had booked 29th April 2018 as the date for the jump. Unfortunately, on the day the heavens opened and so the jump was postponed. A second date was booked and again, due to bad weather conditions, the jump could not take place. A third date was selected and agreed by all our jumpers taking in to consideration their work, holiday and other commitments. Andrea and Darren in the Fundraising office had been keeping a close eye on the weather the week before as it was looking like we were going to be beaten once again by the unpredictable UK weather! Then the day before the jump was scheduled to happen for the third time, a Yellow Weather Warning was issued right over the county and the rain came down…and down…

Not to be disheartened, we had looked at the forecast for the next day and it seemed that this would be better. Some of our jumpers, who were available to jump the next day, re-booked for that day and others have chosen future dates to fit in with their availability.

On Sunday 3rd July 2018, three of our supporters finally managed to complete their Sky Dive. One has booked for the following Saturday and the remaining 4 will be attempting their jump in July.

As the jumps are completed, we will update the gallery with pictures and videos taken on the day.



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