Chairman’s letter December 2017


Dear Friend,

It seems such a long time since I wrote to you all last, but it is not.It has really been very hard, and the project is quite daunting at times. You think you are on top of things then more questions need answers. I need to sincerely thank Richard, Simon and Craig for such wonderful support.

Our two open days in Gt Yarmouth and Southwold for people to see our plans was a great success and well attended. Thank you to all concerned.

We regularly receive donations for which we are truly grateful, however small or large.  I strongly believe every penny counts.

Just recently we had a lady sell her jewellery and donate the money to the ECH project. I have never felt so touched and humbled at such a wonderful gift.

Our shops are expanding, and we are grateful for your continued support.  As an independent hospice your support is crucial to our success. The increase of our fundraising team with Alison and Joanna on the corporate side will be a great asset to us all.

The whole team has worked immensely hard updating and enlarging our website to be user friendly to all.

We are very fortunate that we do not have pay for our website.

Whenever you lose someone, family or friend it is devastating and even more tragic when it is in unacceptable circumstances.

Inside we do not know whether we are crying because we miss them so much or due to anger and frustration.

Here but for the grace of God, stands I”.

We are now on our final push to raise the funds to start our build in 2019.

This time is very difficult for our team.

As a charity we have over the last year incorporated even more infrastructure to enable the charity to be more efficient with technology.

After the internet scare we have also ensured our computer systems are secure for now and in the future.

This all takes time and money but well worth it as it will be carried on to the new hospice.

We have many events over the Christmas period and 2018 will be a busy year.

Please support us when you can.

We have lost some wonderful supporters due to ill health this year and are mindful of all they have given us over the years, thank you.

Every penny you spend in ECH goes towards building your local hospice enabling us to build quicker, thereby preventing people dying in the local hospital.

On a personal note it has been very hard for me as my mind was more than willing, but my body was not.

Onwards and upwards!

Our Lights of Love appeal was a huge success last year and I encourage you all to make it an even bigger success this year.

Thank you.

A very Merry Christmas

Jenny Beesley

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Newsletter December 2017


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Read on to see what being a friend means to some of these people…

Vicky Quantrill ran the London Marathon.

Jane & Helpers hosted a coffee morning.

Gill Hak ran the Edinburgh Marathon.

Annie walked the 500 mile Camino de Santiago.

Lowestoft College Students held a sponsored football league.

Corinne landed safely, big smiles : )

Corinne landed safely, big smiles : )

Mr & Mrs Wolfenden created a calendar to sell.

Mr & Mrs Wolfenden created a calendar to sell.

Malcolm rode 10,000 miles in 26 Days on the Amtrak.

Malcolm rode 10,000 miles in 26 Days on the Amtrak.

Anne creates wonderful home-made preserves to sell.

Anne creates wonderful home-made preserves to sell.

The John Green Institute had a Tea Party!

Mumfords took part in the Dragon Boat Race

Karen jumped out of a plane!

A few words from our friends…

“Always look on the bright side of life…”

“I first met Jeff, The Community Fundraiser for ECH in March of 2014. I realised when I spoke with him, and then later when I met with Nadia in the ECH Office that I could help to fundraise for them. I have travelled many times to America visiting my friends and knew that my next visit would probably be my last.

I decided to make it a sponsored visit by asking my good friends and the people of Gt. Yarmouth and Gorleston to sponsor me for a pound each as I travelled 10,000 miles around America by train. It is a mark of the generosity of our community that they have given over £4000. I am very grateful to them all.I am struck by the fact that we have no Adult hospice facilities in our area. I find this shocking. I am very lucky to have enjoyed, and still do, good health but many people, and they are not necessarily old by any stretch of the imagination, find themselves unsupported when faced with a terminal diagnosis. End of life care in this area can only be called fragmented to say the least and I am being kind saying that.

We desperately need this Hospice, Margaret Chadd house to be built.”

By: Malcolm Metcalf - January 15, 2015

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